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Chosen Idea - Game character design

The Idea

For the next ten weeks I will be going through the process of character design in games. I have recently become very interested in the subject and would like to explore it more. From this project I want to work closely with my pipeline and have each section as detailed as possible to help me grow as an artist. I will be going through a process of design, modelling, rigging, texturing and final presenting. By the end of the project I hope to present at least one detailed character which has gone through extensive development, also it must be full textured and presented with turnarounds. I also look forward to possibly design attacks for the creature and maybe animate one or two of those attacks to show at the presentation. This would allow me to improve my animating skills for future projects.

The Source

For the source of the game I want something that will allow me to have a lot of freedom to create without leading me down that disastrous one way street. However there must be context to transcript and inspire from. I like the idea of using mythology or astronomy. With mythology, I want to find a mythology that I've never heard of or know much about so I widen my range of knowledge and possibly find something really really interesting that I wouldn't have found before. Astronomy is there as a set or an escape from what is around me because if there is truly a billion billion galaxy then anything I create could exist and with that way of thinking, everything becomes very interesting and highly creative.


I have never really been interested in history so mythology isn't my strong point and anything I find can be new to me. For example I have spent the evening looking up Norwegian Mythology and have already been mesmerised by what it offers. Also the other added joy from Norwegian Mythology is that I can already see it as a game and I also know that some aspects of the mythology are already in games, for examples "Final Fantasy 13" created by SQUARE ENIX.

Notes taken from sites on Norwegian Norse Gods

- Heaven is called VALHALLA and to enter this place you must have been a solider and died in battle. when dead you are escorted by blonde beautiful VALKYARIES.
- Kingdoms - Danmark, Vastergotland, Ostergotland, Svealand
- Eddas and JRR Tolkien's Middle-Earth
- Scandinavia
- Sweden Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic
- The Giant and his huge stallion called Svadilfari

The God LOKI - Mischievious, sneaky, malicious
- Shape Changing
- Gave birth to a 8-legged stallion and gave it as a gift to Thor and called it SLEIPNIR
- Dwarves stitched his mouth shut.
- He had three wives named GLUT, ANGRBODA, SIGYN
- GLUT - who gave birth to EINMYRIA and EISA
- ANGRBODA The Giantess - gave birth to FENRIR the giant wolf, JORMUNGARD the earth encircling serpent, HEL the underworld Goddess.
SIGYN - Gave birth to their ill fated sons NARVI and VALI(2)

ODIN's son BULDUR is killed by LOKI - HOD the blind god - twin of BULDUR

THOR, son of ODIN- A very strong god, god of the sky, thunder and fertility

RAGNAROCK - The end of the World, Doom of the Gods

All gods, giants, monsters and dwarves unleash a battle that ends with death of everyone, no one survives except two humans that stay in a forest for safety whilst the battle goes on. LIF and LIFTHRASIR.

SKOLL eats the Sun
HATI eats the moon
HEIMDALL blows his horn to start the battle

ANDVARI - Dwarf who created a magic ring and bewitched it so if anyone stole it it would kill them and is the master of all the gold in the universe.

Summerary of the Norwegian Mythology

As I have expressed I really like this mythology, it is really rich in creative and there is so much going on between all the characters. My job wouldn't be to just make a model of the story but to put my own twist on it but keeping it inside the Norwegian style. I think that I am going to consentrate on the god, LOKI, this is because his character is quite evil in the most creative of ways, and his shape shifting abilities give him an edge in creativity. I could fill my time up with creating his true form and his shape shifting forms which would be a great use of my time, however if I wanted to use a few days to explore a few other characters then I could. Certenly the characters I would be interested in is SLEIPNIR (The 8 legged stallion), SVADILFARI (The Giant's huge Stallion) or the surviviours LIF and LIFTHRASIR, these could be used as the main playing characters for the game.

Sites used for this research - Accessed on 31st January



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