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The day the earth stood still 1951 review

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The Day The Earth Stood Still Review

“The day the earth stood still” is an influential sci-fi classic about an alien named Klaatu (played by Michael Rennie), coming to earth to warn all humans that if they do not change their destructive ways, and then they, as well as their planet, will be erased from history. The story takes place shortly after the Second World War, the destruction caused by humans is slowly effective other inhabited planets nearby.
Movie Still One - Flying Saucer
I have now watched this film twice and I preferred it on the second time around, I think that I had judged it harshly the first time because I hated it. However the second time was I had a lifted opinion on the movie. I was mostly impressed with Rennie’s performance as Klaatu; his tall structure, small movements and the intelligent eyes all emit an alien vibe which helps me believe his otherworldly story throughout the film. The mighty robot, Gort (Lock Martin) is for me, where the movie lets itself down. I will not comment on this robot via the point of view of a member from my generation because there is too much competition and it will always lose. However from the 1950’s audience’s point of view I can understand why this would be a successful monster; this is mainly because of the face. Gort’s face has no features to recognise and what is hiding behind his visor? As I say this monster is successful but if only the costume for it was better, it is clearly a man in a suit and I dislike seeing this, I know it has become almost a requirement in B-movies but I still don’t like seeing.
Movie Still Two - Gort
I give this movie three stars, this is because I enjoyed the storyline, acting and mainly the fact that Gort stood still for most of it, restricting us from seeing the horrendous bends in his “metal” form.

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