Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Pipeline Plan

Pipeline: Character Design for a Game.

1) Pre-Production: Visualising the Character 

Project Start: Mythology, History, Painting

Research and Visual Research: Norwegian Mythology, Information on the characters chosen, Viking art, Norwegian art, Period or modern imagery.

Art Direction: Colour palettes, Style, Ancient Norwegian time period.

Concept Art: Thumbnail drawings and Digital Paintings

Finalised Paintings: Refined concept art, Turnarounds, Elemental versions

2) Production: Modelling the Character 

 Modelling: Character and Accessories

UV Layout and Texturing: Layout maps and Texture maps


Animation: 1-2 Attack moves

Lighting: Character and Elemental Lighting
Rendering: Creating Render Passes - Beauty, Occlusion, Glow, and FX etc

3)Post-Production: Combining all the work
Compositing: Combining render passes and applying visual effects to the attack

Delivery: Submit the Demo reel, Technical paper, Art Of..., final composited attacks, Unit Evaluation

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