Friday, 23 November 2012

Creature update

So its been a entire week since I last did anything on the cockroach because my dissertation has taken over and I have really missed it! I'm itching to get past this designing stage now and get a move on to the modelling - I think the design process is almost finished - I have the main frame and shape I just need to sort the face. The colour and detail will come when I have a chance to experiment with it.

So today I have been working on the head, but this time I made sure the body was in the image too so that I can work out how the head would move with the body.

So I had this idea that the mouth would open in four ways, almost like the vampire hybrids in Blade 2, however I didn't see this working - So I had a talk with Alan

He readvised me to keep the curved shapes so that the creature didnt seem rigid - he also advised that sort of simplify the mouth and have one that doesn't open that much. He suggested that I do this beak looking thing that will almost open like the first image. The side one shows the design better I think.

This is a quick outline to show the shape a little better - unfortuantly my painting skills hide the detail.

I thought that the beak thing wasn't really working but the shape wasn't far off - I remembered that I wanted this thing to be really scary!!! so I added massive fang like teeth - I then realised that the this structure in the mouth could stop it from closing his mouth completely and that will lead to dribbling (Which is always cool and disgusting on a creature and what I wanted.)

I then added a couple more pinsers at the bottom of the mouth, and for three reasons - 1. the creature would need them to put the food in it's mouth - 2. the underside of this creature is doesn't have a look on it. - 3. It looks AWESOME!!!

I think I am nearly there, I'm very happy with where I am, my next task is get this in painted form - then colour tests and then I may start painting him in the different scenes because I need to know what he is going to look like from any angle and I need to start looking at location shots for the final image.

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