Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Modelling 01

I just experience the first-sort-of all nighter - I started modelling the creature around 2 o'clock yesterday and really got into it, there was A LOT of problems as I was modelling but I actually enjoyed sorting them out. This lead me to keep modelling until about 6 o'clock this morning.

I have a few screenshots of the process, so I'll show them in their order.

This ofcourse is a big jump straight into the modelling process, and I appologise if anyone wanted to see a steady progress - I was filming as I was modelling but the video frooze near this point!

But on a brighter note, I was happy with where this was going - the overall shape was good and strong - I wasn't a big fan of the bumpy belly which I work into later to get rid of it slightly.

 This was the head but I deleted it because it really wasn't working for me - I know it is only half modelled but the shape annoyed me and it was just best to get rid of it. I realised that this is the way I work, I find loads of possiblities in photoshop but I can never truely find the right one until I see it in 3d - I will however make something amazing when I get around to the head, definitely something really bug like. The head is the selling point for my creature!

This is where I start applying the shell - it was really hard to connect everything correctly but at the moment it looks good.

....And this is basically where I am now - The shell is on and attached - The mesh modelling isn't great but this is just a basic which I will work into now I have it. The arms are on the way and so is the head --- Everything is hotting up!

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