Thursday, 1 November 2012

Figuring out what the creature looks like

I have finished making silhouettes and it is time to move on, if I stay on the silhouettes, then nothing would get done. I wanted to go back to the creature that I thought worked really nicely and got many good comments and work from that.

So with this creature I want to add the pieces of the cockroach that defiantly need to be in there and take out all the pieces that isn't needed.

My first step was to go into this ones silhouette and fix the pieces

I had a thought pattern when I was doing these silhouettes and that was thinking of the anatomy of both the cockroach and the possible creature. So what I wanted was this creature must be only what it needs! In another post, I mentioned that I wanted the abdomen and shell to defiantly be in there and to be the main focus point.

The legs also took a lot of planning, almost from the beginning of the of the project I have been using these spicky bone like legs and thats mainly because I really liked them when I painted them, and the cockroach legs never looked good enough for the creature.

My original thoughts when I created the first silhouette was that the pinser arm things are the 5th and 6th legs that you would find on a cockroach - but when I did the 5th silhouette I thought that I would try and see what it would look like when the creature had 6 main legs aswell as the pinser arm, however it looked a little weird. With number 6 I wanted to extend the arms so that the creature can use them as stabbing weapons but also the creature can lean over and use them as extra legs for more speed.

I picked number 6 and did some small line work and things are getting very exciting!!! In number one I tried to use the face from the original piece because I like the whole insectiod pinsers. In number 2 I tried to bring the cockroach face in and then make it mutantly disgusting.

So here I have picked number two and I have annotated the areas that I have imported from studying the cockroach closer.

My next task

What I will be doing next is going into this silhouette and paint so details and possibly some colour. I'm not entirely happy with the face some some new studies will defiantly come in handy with that.

I also would like to get some different angles sorted because we can't see the abdomen that well and that will take some thinking about for the modelling stage.

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