Friday, 23 September 2011

80's cartoons

For a bit of research into 80's cartoons I looked at the following videos on Youtube;


There are a lot of cartoons that I have never thought of, or never seen before and I especially didn't realise there was so many. A list of the ones that caught my eye from the videos is the following;

  • M.A.S.K (1985-86)

  • Centurions (1985-87)

  • Defenders of the Earth (1986-87)

  • Transformers (1984- 87)

  • Dungeons and Dragons (1987-89)

  • Wheeled Warriors (1987)

  • Bravestarr (1987-89)

These caught my eye the most because they all seemed to have the same style. Extreme actions, Sci-fi, fantasy and the use of primary colours. I like how all the character are designed in a way that they have no bounderies, for example "Transformers" and "M.A.S.K", where all the characters can transform into anything. The genres of "Bravestarr" have such a contrast and link with my my genres that I think it would be smart to watch and futher research into this cartoon.

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