Wednesday, 21 September 2011

So it begins.... Again..

So finally I’m back after a very long summer, fully refreshed and anxious to get developing. I have received my briefs for the next 10-15 weeks and it sounds like it’s going to be a hectic and commanding process. However I’m highly looking forward to that process and I’m excited about the new paths I’m going down.
The first brief I got was on Monday; the brief puts me in a group of three people, consisting of Daniel and Kolade, which I haven’t had the pleasure of working to closely with before this project. The project asks us to create a 1 minute 30 second trailer or teaser for the title we we’re given at the briefing.
The title we got was, “Invasion from the centre of the Earth”, which instantly screams out excitement and there are hundreds of different directions we could take on this. As an added bonus to the project we have to create the trailer in one of three specific approaches, and they are: “One foot in the past, One foot in the future”, “B-movie” and “The long lost film”. We also have fixed genres to pick from: Sci-fi, Horror and Film Noir. We could use one of these genres or combine two of them.
We’ve already got together and discussed a couple of ideas, which will be posted in my next blog post and on our group blog “UnderlordStudios
In the second briefing I met an artist from Walt Disney Studios, Justin Wyatt, who has over 18 years of experience to share over a 10 week period. It was very exciting to start learning the trick of the trade that he knows. The brief asks me to create a Hero, a Villain and a Sidekick in a mash up of genres. The genres I got were “Western” and “Alien”. These characters will the three main characters of rebooted Saturday eighties cartoon. Whilst creating the characters, I will be creating a Animation Bible that will consist of development, expression sheet and the general thought process of those characters. I’m really excited about this project because I think that Character design is an area I lack skill in, so it would be awesome if I could get some amazing tips and skills to help me in the future.
In the briefing we all had to create a mash up of two different genres, this time I got “Super” and “Cheerleader”. I was really happy with my first drawing, I thought I shouted out Cheerleader in a stereotypical way (long flowing hair, large breast and beautiful). I was also proud of the proportions and quality of the drawing. However Justin pointed out that although it’s defiantly a cheerleader, It doesn’t shout out “SUPER”.

So I had another crack at it, I knew that I had the cheerleader design in front of me, all I had to do was put her in such a position that it became clear that she had some sort of super power. So I came up with this, which pleased Justin and I much more because it screams out both genres.

 For 10 minutes at the end I had the opportunity to be given two more genres, this time I got “Goblin” and “Clown”, Instantly the following drawing came to mind, so I got it down as quick as possible. However when I was drawing, I was only thinking of putting a coloured wig and big red lips on a goblin two make the mash up. I thought this was strong enough, so I gave him a bike. However thinking about it now, I should have drawn the bike much smaller to make it more clown like and funnier, But that’s the ways of development. 

So I’m going to go and have a brainstorm and draw like crazy! It’s good to be back!!

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