Sunday, 25 September 2011

Cartoon Synopsis

A quick little synopsis to give an idea to what the cartoon is about:

"Chief Kalugoo has been terrorising the planet Pride with his evil plans for centuries, harming the people that inhabit its magnificent surface. The people's only hope is their Sheriff, Sheriff Elliot J. Hampleton and his noble two- headed stead called Fundder and Lightnin (Correct spelling for the characters). The Sheriff is strong and couragous. His steed?..... not so much, they are as dumb as a saloon door, but together they make THE UNITED FORCE"

1 comment:

  1. Hi Chris,
    I think your level of research will really help this project, and give it some believability, despite the crazy mash up. The three archetypes are very strongly defined - I particularly like Fundder and Lightin. I can see that being very humourous. I think now, you need to really flesh out these characters - what props they need, their ages, physical description and personalities. The villain is potentially a very interesting character - without looking just like a native american, you need to show it subtly in the design, so the audience will get the comparison you are making. Dont hold back on his design - with an alien, you have no limit to what he can look like.