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Ed Wood 1994 Review

Ed Wood 1994 Review

Ed Wood Poster

Director - Tim Burton

Ed Wood - Johnny Deep

Bela Lugosi - Martin Landau

Dolores Fuller - Sarah Jessica Parker

This movie is about a Director, Ed Wood who was voted after his death as "The Worst Director of all Time". Prior to the film, I hadn't heard of Ed Wood or his career, so I watching this with a fresh idea of the man. I thought that the man was seriously underrated, it was clear that he loved what he was doing. Although it wasn't clear in his movies, he had an extreme dedication to finish a film to prosent to the audience.

Ed Wood image 2

It was also clear how much he wanted to protect forgotten talent, for example when he meets the character, Bela Lugosi. Everyone thought he was dead because they had forgotten about him. But because Ed Wood Cared about the people he was with, he brought a dream back to a dying man. Matt Murray says, "Ed's failure wasn't due to a lack of caring, want of effort, or any of the normal hurdles we're all told repeatedly that we can overcome if we just keep at it." (Murray, 2006)


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Ed Wood Poster,

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