Friday, 11 November 2011

Character lesson 8

This week's task was very interesting, we had to work to a 3 hours deadline and present 6 characters for a new cartoon. There was three in our group and we had to characters each.

The characters I got was Boltz and Grok. Boltz is a medic droid that is the sidekick of the Hero, he has a melted core that causes his presenality to constantly change. My idea for this character was he is a box shaped droid with a set of draws in the torso area that is full of medical suplies, he also has compartments at his side. His personality twitch makes him want to dress like and pretend to be the hero's mother, and he tells him off all the time for doing dangerous stuff. Grok is a genetic experiment made by the evil scientist, he is biult like a house and is dinosaur like.

These are the sketches -



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