Sunday, 6 November 2011

Hero Drawings

Over the last week or so the hero hasn't had alot of improvements done to him. This is because I think that this character is nearly there and ticking most of the boxes. One problem I have been having is the double insect like segments. I think that those double segments are make the character to tall in the body and the leg won't keep him up. 

To fix that problem I wanted to go back to the double pectorals to achieve the extra set of arms. For this design I added cannons to the top arms, I don't think I like the idea but it does give the character and extra edge.

I started to experiment with a cowboy poncho that almost covers the whole top body. I like the poncho but it is covering too much and it makes it look like the secondary arms are just hangin out.

Then I saw Clint Eastwood wearing his poncho like this. It shouts out cool, powerful and heroic.

This is my first attempt.

In this drawing I'm trying to put it all together, having the waistcoat, the trousers and everything else with the poncho. I think that this is definitely working, however when I showed Justin, the one thing he didn't like was the human features. 

It turns out this character has become very complicated, this is because the character has to be either one of two things. He is either a human that has travelled to this planet of aliens, which means his structure changes, or he is an alien, which would mean the face definitely needs a change.

I had a go at drawing a few faces, it has come to my attention that the face is where I really need to work on.

This group of heads arn't really working for me so back to the drawing board and quick!

Until next time!

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