Tuesday, 8 November 2011

New hero idea and design

I know it is a little late to be rethink the idea of the hero, however I think I am finally cracking down on it. My previous problem with the other designs is that the audience wouldn't relate to a character that is too alien because there is nothing to relate to. So to get around that problem, the character would have to look almost human or human. I have tried having a human head on an alien body and it just doesn't work, its just too mixed and matched.

I recently had a chat with Phil and we came up with an idea of having the hero a human that has crash landed on the planet and after many years of being on the planet, he is now the leader of the protection of the people. This astronaut hero is very smart and managed to combine the technology of humans and the alien planet. This equips him with amazing weaponry and power. The planet is so hot and dry that all his suit was too much to wear, so he fashioned himself some thinner clothing from alien clothes, all that is his are the boat and gloves.

In this design I have made him more masculine and heavily built than before, this shows his strength to lead and protect.

 I'm really liking this design, I feel a lot happier about it than I have with the other ones. The colours are a little basic right now, they may stay, they may not. I could develop the colour pallet so it could look more like alien clothing.

I only worked on this one drawing tonight, and I hope to work on plenty more in the next couple of days.

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