Friday, 18 November 2011

Sorting out the Villain

I have so many ideas lately that has changed the villain character, I wanted to consentrate on the personality, appearance and the link to the other characters. Originally I had this character as a really old and withered guy but it came to my attention that if this was so, then what makes his henchmen and servants obey him. 

I wanted to change the legs aswel because for me they were too mamalian, so i have changed them to more bird like. Also I didn't like the idea of a bird alien character having a sit down throne becuase birds don't sit down on chairs with their legs hanging out. So I have changed the legs and the idea of the throne and also I have hunched his shoulders more to give him the powerful presence of a vulture.

Here is what I have -

This one looks too weird and unbelievable, his neck would never support that head.

These drawings are getting close, I like the added evil the large shoulders give the character. However what I don't like is how young he still looks.

I was having another think about this character, and wondered why he would have this rough clothing. If he's the king or ruler of this planet then he must look the part.

Then I came up with this -

I'm liking this guy a bit more now, I made the hunched shoulders into large shoulder padding but kept that hunch in his back. I've given the guy a staff which has a power in it that allow him to create magic, which gives him the power to hurt or even kill who he wants.

Also i have given the character six small eyes like a spider because 1. I was having problems with which eyes to pick and this worked best, and 2. It just looks more evil!

This character I think is almost there, just a few touch ups and accessories! :D

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