Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sidekick Drawings

I've had a little trouble with this character, its been hard to find a reference animal and only take a little from it. Lately all I seem to do is just draw that animal, however some development has happened.

For this design I have pretty much mashed up many different animals that represent speed. Those animals are, the cheetah, springbok, eagle, spine tail swift and the horse. From this drawing, I have realised that this is definitely not the way to go, so lets move on.

I started to think about the location of this planet, I thought that it would be a hot and very dry place and reptiles would thrive. Now I am aware that dragons are more in the fantasy genre but this planet can have what ever I want, so why not a dragon? It is perfect for the conditions and awesome for storyline. Plus an awesome steed. However, to pull away fromt the fantasy, I wanted to add or take away things from the dragon and create something a little different.

I started to think about birds and their structure, but I knew their feathers would not be ideal for these conditions. So those feathers would have to go and a more membrane like wings will take their place.

This playful creature does resemble a odd horse, which I like becuase its a common steed, however once again I don't think I will use this. But what I will do is take the dumb looking expression from the face and apply it to the character I chose.

I'm really hoping this all comes together soon because it is taking so long and everything is just piling on. I just need that one create idea!

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