Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Designing the garden

Today I woke up felling really badly about my work, I looked back on it all and thought, what am I doing!!! There is so much to do, yet each day all I do is draw a few pointless drawings and then call it a day - its happening to regularly and I'm sick of it. So I today I had a burning desire to finish all the design work by the end of the evening. I'm happy to say that I have done that and I'm ready to model. I had already finished designing the fish last week, and today I had to finish the garden, the female gnome and the male gnome.

This is how the garden has come together.

I started by sketching a few simple designs, the reason for this was I wanted to see where the pond would be situated, up against the back fence, or in the corner of the garden making a triangular shape. 

I went for the triangular shape because it allows for a smaller cut off set with a simple design, which will make this easy and quick to model/

This is the water feature that I'm going with, it is a three level water feature - I think this will be a nice symbol for sort of mountain to climb situation for the gnome. 

This is the final layout to the garden, the house will be a made from a simple cube with a texture map on it, and the pavement will be a simple texture with a bump map - making this simple to complete. I will also add extra garden things like some bins and plant pots.

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