Sunday, 10 March 2013

Focusing on Style

I'm not liking where my gnome is right now, so I have decided to redesign him but focusing more on style instead of accessories and colour. I redrew the gnome whilst looking at some of Chuck Jones' tom and Jerry cartoon images, and instantly had something that I liked a lot better than all the other designs. I showed Alan and he helped me push it further and told me some pointers I must keep in mind when drawing in the style of Chuck Jones.

I started by looking at some well know Chuck Jones characters like Wille Coyote, roadrunner, Tom and Jerry and Bugs Bunny (although he didn't create Bugs, he certainly made a big stamp on his character) 

What I like about this style is the clean outlines, the simplicity and the expressive poses that tell the story. I have now tried to use this in my work.

Already my drawings have become more expressive, I thought it best to design whilst in the poses I will use in the animation. for me this was a new way of doing things, because before I would normally design in front or side poses which lead to a flat and boring design. These are way more impressive to me and they really show the character. 

Now that I loosened up in the drawing, I wanted to work on the scale and structure of my character, so that I could then go back to posing but in a more focused way. 

I took one of the old drawings then morphed it into a certain shape that I like, I chose the fourth one as the best one. 

I then worked on skeletal structure and then cleaning up the outside lines. 

This is a drawing pose that I have put through the design process. I ended up putting a faded paint texture on the paint, it doesn't look great but its a start.  

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  1. Interesting, starting to feel more like a dynamic character now! Well Done Mate :)