Monday, 30 April 2012

Developing the Classic Rock idea

I'm going to go with the classic rock idea and going to keep with the idea that the animatic is creating. However the animatic is no where near at a standard i would like it to be. I have had a chat with Phil and recommends that I take a look at classic rock live performances and showed me the trailer to "Rock of ages". He suggested that I record the animation from at least 10 different camera angles and then edit them to a quick beat of the music. He also recommended that I keep the smoke, and lights ideas but also throw in some lasers and fireworks going up and down. This will make the scene look over dramatic and exciting, very ROCK AN ROLL!!!

I have taken a look at Live shows like Gun's and Roses live at Tokyo and Queen live at Wembley and Live 8. The stages are very large, some have screens at the back and some have many levels. I noticed that the more ROCK like the band, the more lights, lasers and smoke.

From the research I have drawn up a couple of stage drawing and possible outlooks. The stages involve different lights, lasers and smoke machines.

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