Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Idea for the Classic Rock Option With Basic Storyboard and Pre-vis

I had a simple idea of the MTV logo being made of music instruments. The logo will be on a stage coming up from a trap door with smoke billowing around the base.

I have drawn a short storyboard and created a simple pre-vis to show how I saw the idea. This is VERY basic and the final would be improved much further with possible stylisation

Heres the Storyboard

 And the Pre-Vis


  1. An Interesting start but don't discard the other two choices yet i would still try and think of what could be done for them also

    But this is a great trail :)

  2. I haven't discarded them at all, I just wanted to play around with some stuff. I wasn't completely happy with this one so it's already pushing me to go further :D Thank you for the comment mate :)