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Models and Metaphors Project brief and Task ahead

The Brief

Models & Metaphors

Unit Code: RCGA2006

Level & Credit: 15 Credits

When taught: Semester 4

Duration: 5 weeks

Learning hours: 150


CG arts and animation offers a rich source of metaphoric language that captures a sense of ‘future, fashion and the creative zeitgeist’. The illustration of concepts for new and more established companies and institutions provides important commissions for CG arts and animation. They all seek to establish their identities through metaphoric references to their qualities, often linking aspects of ‘physical’ identification to a broader range of conceptual connotations.

This unit requires the development of a speculative and innovative approach to the promotion of products, organisations and services. It encourages investigation into the construction of brands and identities, and considers examples drawn from contemporary practice, where the potential of digital interventions has made possible the representation of conceptual ideas for advertising, promotion and marketing.


A1 To extend the ability to engage creatively with digital modelling in the development of metaphoric contexts to promote services, organisations and products

A2 To consolidate through ‘live’ commission the skills associated with research, critical analysis, and communication

A3 To consolidate creative design synthesis and the technical skills required to exploit them

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this unit you should demonstrate:

LO1 A developed ability to research and develop creative solutions that promote services, organisations and products

Learning Outcomes Cont…

LO2 An awareness of brand design and the need for continuity in the conceptual development of ideas and aesthetics

LO3 The developed ability to appropriately communicate within a media context to an identified audience

Teaching & Learning Methods

The unit comprises project briefing, software workshops, lectures, seminars, and supporting cultural programme.

Reflective practice / PDP - online journal or blog in which students archive, annotate and reflect critically upon their own creative practice and their peers. Collate information about branding and promotion.

Interim Critique, tutorials, assessment feedback.

Assessable Components

Commission: 100%

For this five week commission you are asked to produce a commercial ‘sting’ for a TV channel’s themed week of programming. You will each be given an envelope containing a TV channel and three themed scheduling options. You are asked to choose one as the basis for your commission and produce a sting advert which promotes the scheduled content and embodies the channels brand identity. For example;

Channel & Options:

The Discovery Channel __________ Week

Egypt, Ocean Predators, or Space Exploration

Commission Choice:

“The Discovery Channels Ocean Predators Week”

Production Criteria:

The ‘sting’ will need to fulfil the following requirements;

• The Sting must contain a CG component(s).

• It must be 10 seconds in length.

• It must contain a suitable audio sting using royalty free source material.

• The sting ‘must’ contain the ‘channel logo’.

• The channel logo must be viewable at the end of the 10 second sting.

Submission & Marking

• A completed 10 second TV Sting in a suitable movie file format.

• An up to date blog detailing your progress throughout the project.

• A .PDF version of your blog submitted on disk

• Completion of all technical tutorials.

• A ‘making of’ book detailing the development of the creative & technical aspects of the project

• Attendance at all tutorials & classes.

Assessment Crtiteria

On completion of this unit you should provide evidence of

Knowledge of Contexts, Concepts, Technologies, Processes

A knowledge and understanding of the promotion and representation of products, services and organisations

Understanding the Application of Knowledge

Innovative approaches to the use of metaphoric language in order to digitally resolve complex communication projects

Developing critical and research skills

Application of Technical Professional Skills

The ability to use and synthesise appropriate software

The ability to manage projects in response to a professional brief


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• The Advertising Concept Book : Think Now, Design Later : A Complete Guide to Creative Ideas, Strategies & Campaigns.

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Bibliography Cont…

• Universal Principles of Design: 100 Ways to Enhance Usability, Influence Perception, Increase Appeal, Make Better Design Decisions, and Teach through Design.

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I have been given the task to create a 10 second sting/ opening animation for a channel with an upcoming  special week. What I was given was MTV with the options of 'Classic Rock', 'Street Dance' and the '80's' as the special week of television.

My initial thought was, I'm excited to do the project however the channel was one I really couldn't see myself picking or doing. This shows that I am outside my comfort zone, but perhaps that is what I need to create something great.

...So on with the project...

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