Thursday, 19 April 2012

Technical Paper

Maya Technical Paper

Creating the rig

Unit 3: Transcription

Chris Rogers

Creating a well designed rig was always going to be difficult for this character. There are so many joints that needed to be sorted and created in a way that wouldn’t cause a huge mess.

This is the process of Rigging:

Step one: Place a Joint (Animation>Skeleton>Joint Tool) in the centre/ waist area this will act as the main joint/ Parent Joint

Step two: Branch 7 joints coming from the Waist Joint up to the Head. The joint are named – Spinal_Jnt_01, Spinal_Jnt_02, Chest_Jnt, Neck_01, Neck_02, Head_01 and Head_02.  Branch two more joints from Head_01, Creating Jaw_01 and Jaw_02.

Step Three: From the Chest_Jnt, branch out 24 new joints. Name them L_CLav_Jnt, L_Shoulder_Jnt, L_Elbow_Jnt, L_Wrist_Jnt, Pinky_Jnt_01-04, Ring_Jnt_01-04, Middle_Jnt_01-04, Index_Jnt_01-04, Thumb_Twist_A, Thumb_Twist_B, Thumb_Jnt_01, Thumb_Jnt_02.

Step Four: Branching from Chest_Jnt, Spinal_01 and 02 create five more joints on each branch. Name them Top_Finger_Jnt_01-05, Middle_Finger_Jnt_01-05, Bottom_Finger_Jnt_01_05.

Step Five: Mirror all the Left Joints over to the right.

Step Six: Now create a joint and the base of the rock attached to the body and then one joint at the top of every rock and then press enter. Select the chain you just created, then select the Waist_Jnt and press P. Parent each rock to the joint it is closest to.

This the what the rig looks like,

Step Seven: Create a Nurbs Circle, Snap it to the Waist_jnt. Scale it to a descent size. Select the Waist_Jnt and then the Nurbs Circle and press P. This has turned the circle into a ctrl for the joint, this gives us the option to move this joint around without going right into the model to find it.

Create another Nurbs Circle and snap it to the Spinal_Jnt_01, this time open the Outliner, Put the circle into the Waist joint and then put the Spinal_Jnt_01 into the that Nurbs Circle. The Circle should now control the joint.
Continue this process until you have controls on all joint expect the neck, head, Jaw and hand joints. Like this –

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