Thursday, 24 March 2011

An experiment in Flash

I wanted to do a test shot on the bouncing baubles, but I had two problems, one was the angle and two was the speed. So two solve this problem quickly I used flash for a quick animation. I changed the frame distances and the frame rate to get faster and slower movements of the ball. I plan to do my animation in 8 frames a second so I worked from that.

These first three were played on 24 frames per second.

I realised that the frame rate was on 24 way after doing the first three but it all goes to development, as you can see this one was way too fast. 

This one was 16 frames long but only had 8 frames with information on them, so its ever 2 framses. I thought that this was a nice speed.


This was 24 frames with the same 8 information frames.

This one was 8 frames with 8 frames a second and this definitly works which is what I wanted to know.

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