Monday, 21 March 2011

A talk with Phil

I just had a Phil to convey the problems I was having with my development; what we noticed was the complexity of the storyline. Phil told me that there didn't need to be that beginning bit with the family, it could be implied with a small sound of the door shutting; implying that someone just left. Also there didn't need to be a location for where the clothes came from, they could just appear by simply dropping on his head or by grabbing it from the side. Simples.

The Act 1 and 2 in its simplest form is perfectly fine, what we tried to think of was a way to make the act 3 happen. An idea of maybe a hat stand or standard lamp ( or anything that is the same size as the tree) could be portrayed as a beautiful woman and the tree wanted to impress. This could be done two ways, the hat stand/lamp could be animated or it could be designed in such a way that it looks feminine. Or on the other hand it could be another plant form; a tree or a small and cute plant.

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