Tuesday, 22 March 2011

POST 200!!! - Key Scenes (Old and New)

The first three are the original key frames and the second three are the newer ones. There is a lot of difference in development of each one. The first key scene has changed dramatically to makes sure there is absolute focus on the tree and nothing else. Having only the tree in my frame also helps me to concentrate on only animating the tree and nothing else. So I don't get carried away with backgrounds and everything else. The original cloak standhas been removed because I find it more interesting and more free willed animation if the hat and cloak is just pulled from outside the frame. The second key frame that I have now shows the tree flicking off the decorations all over the place, and kicking the last bauble of his foot. The final key frame starts when the tree has dressed in the right clothing that he sees fit, making the problem solved.

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  1. This looks like its going to be exciting :D