Wednesday, 9 March 2011

A talk with Nat

Nat and I just had a little chat about the ideas we have come up with for our animations. The subject she was dealt with is a Melancholy kite, with this she has created a few solid ideas. As we looked through these ideas, I gave her advice on which direction she could take them. What I noticed about her first idea was that it was planned out to be a non-linear timeline. She planned to have the kite in the bin and then have that kite think back to a time where it was flying and doing the kite thing, but that could also be interpreted as a dream state rather than a back in the day thought. Her second idea involved a lot of action, first thing I did was warn her about the amount of story she was trying to play out. I thought that animating it would be very difficult for the time period because she wanted to have two cars and a running dog. However this idea was very good, because the story was easy to imagine but I was thinking that the Melancholy state of the kite wasn't shown until the end. Her third idea, I thought was the best for the Melancholy state of mind, because she has the kite looking out of the window at the rainy days, waiting for a day to be played with, but when it finally is sunny, the child wanted to play football instead of the kite. Now this story, I felt was more touching, and could easy be used to make the audience feel sorry for the kite and see it's sadness. Overall I advised her to take a look at Pixar's 1987 short film, 'Red's Dream', I watched this myself only a few days ago and I really liked the sadness the Unicycle gave even with out a face. Nat's first idea reminded me of this short film and if she studied the expressions used in the short, she could really make that kite come alive.

For those who haven't seen it, here it is...

Nat's Ideas for me

When it came to talking about my ideas, we talked about how the Christmas Tree would move to show it's  authority as an Aristocratic nature. At first I could only think of the tree hopping on it's stump or in the pot it's in. But what we noticed is that the hopping or bouncing would be too joyous or happy to be poshish. So what Nat suggested is that I should spread the bristles into two legs. With this I can exaggerate a large amount of posture and movement.
We had a talk about the story ideas I had as well, we thought that the tree should dress itself in a high maintenance way. For example the owners take the tree from the loft, place it in the living room and start to dress it. When that family have gone to bed, that tree will come to life and look in the mirror, disgusted with how it looks, it will shake off all the decorations. Then the tree will look across the room and notice a cloak stand that has a cloak/waste jacket and a top hat on it. The tree will stroll over to that cloak stand and put the items on. When the family return in the morning, they will see the tree in their clothes. I liked the idea of the tree not liking the way it was dressed, and it felt compelled to change. But what i didn't understand is, if these people own posh clothing, then surely they would be posh enough to decorate the tree correctly. Unless the tree is decorated perfectly, but that still isn't enough for the tree, it still wants to dress proudly...

All in all, it was a good chat with Nat.....

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