Thursday, 10 March 2011

First set of Drawings for the Christmas Tree

Today has been a quite productive day, in a way I think I have a greenlight from Phil, which is awesome!!! So I started drawing some drawings for the Christmas, and what I have focused on is turning the tree into a humanish shape. I have grouped the bristles together to create limps of the character which will help with movement and posture. I've tried to keep the long and bent back to show dominance and pride from the character.

Here I have studied the movement of the tree as if it was taking a step forward and then spin and then moonwalk backwards a little. I know this movement is unique and won't be used, but I wanted to practice with a movement that would be hard. I like the different changes in stance and posture, I will also be different movements as well for more practice. I also want to use the animation paper to view the movement closer and see it in action.

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