Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Script development

The 3 Act Structure
Act 1 – 10 seconds
·         Starts with the sound a door closing shut.
·         A tree slowly appears.
·         The Tree shakes to life
·         Looks at himself
·         A camera angle that’s seen though the tree’s eyes.

This act will provide the main character and give a problem to the story

Act 2 – 25 seconds
·         Tree looks disgusted
·         Shakes all of the decoration off
·         Different angles will show the decoration flying in different directions.

This act will start to solve the problem by removing the ‘unwanted’ decorations, this leads on to solving the problem.

Act 3 – 25 seconds
·         A monocle is pulled out from inside his bristles
·         A Top hat drops in from above 
·         A candy cane come in from the side
·         The Tree starts to walk
·         Tips his hat to a plant, and keeps on walking
·         The plant faints and falls over
·         The tree winks to the camera and walks off screen.

This act solves the problem of wanting the aristocratic look and finishes the story by making the tree look too good to handle for one lucky plant.

The Logline
The Christmas tree has been dressed in a traditional way by its owners and he is disgusted by this, he wants to dress smartly. To solve his problem he shakes off those decorations and reaches out for the right clothes.

The Premise
At this festive time there is one Christmas tree that finds it important to dress how one wants to be dressed. 

This is the development on the script critria after the new talk with Phil. The story has become simpler but the 3 act structure has stayed similar to the previous version.

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