Wednesday, 9 March 2011

What the Blue Box delivered

So unit 5 started a couple of days ago, and what the blue box delivered me was an Aristocratic Christmas Tree. Before the lucky dip I was hoping for a mood that would be quite joyful or playful to work with, but in a way I;m happy that I didn't get that. Thats because now I'm out of my safe zone, so I'm highly looking forward to what I can come up with.
My main focus so far has been on trying to make the christmas tree act aristocratic rather than look aristocratic, because I think thats what the project is asking for the most. I think that if I can make the tree act aristocratic, then the visual will be there as a result.

I've been coming up with ideas today, and this is the page of ideas that I have:

My ideas are very very basic at the moment because I want a lot of development to come from them. So basically the ideas as of the moment are small Premises. The ideas have originated from possible location the tree could be in, for example the locations I came up with are, a christmas toy shop, a living room, a town square or in a forest. I know that drawing the location again and again will be time costing and almost pointless. So I will need to use a few still of the background or imply that location through the animation.

Ideas - the general idea for the animation is to portray that the christmas tree is aristocratic, so through the ideas I need to something that shows that characteristic.

My first idea was to have the Christmas tree drinking tea (for whatever reason). Even though this idea is simple, it doesn't show a clear link between Christmas tree and tea.

My second idea was to have this Tree shopping somewhere.

The third idea I found interesting because the synopsis could be used for the beginning or the end of the animation. For example if the tree loves to show off then being in the loft is the problem and coming out and put on show in the resolving of that problem. However if the tree loves it in the loft (perhaps that is its home) then being taken out of that loft would be a problem.

The Forth idea is to have the tree taken from its original home of the forest and then put in a home where it will be decorated.

For my Fifth idea, I was thinking that the tree could either start of posh and then in some way end up Poor/dirty or the other way around. This, in effect could, show the life of the tree....

At the moment I like where my ideas are heading, I will be looking forward to talking to Nat about my ideas and hers and see what we can come up with.

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