Saturday, 12 February 2011

Research into the character, train, camera and location

History of sword swallowing

To get a better idea of what to do with the character thats a sword swallower, I found myself needing to research on the history of the art. For a starting point I went to wikipedia and found a load of information. The art of Sword swallowing originated from India in 2000 BC, performed by Fakirs and Shaman Priests and it was used as a demonstration of devine union and power. The moved one to Greece and Rome in the 1st century, then to China in the 8th century. When the art moved to Europe, it quickly become an act, and was joined up with juggler, magicians, prophets and other performers. These quickly became Religious targets, which lead them to become condemned and executed as heretics, witches and practitioners of the dark arts. The art of sword swallowering soon died out and now there is less than 100 sword swallowers in the world.


For the location, ideas have been bouncing around, but an old western dessert looks like the best place. North America has some beautiful areas.

In relation to the scenes here, I found an artist called ' Evelyne Boyston Grierson', in my opinion she captures the beauty of colour from these deserts in her paintings. Truely inspiring and also an effect that I could use in my piece.


Keeping in relation to the North American Western area, I looked at trains that would be around in the victorian times in these deserts.







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