Thursday, 3 February 2011

Storyline Idea

The Storyline- The once amazing sword swallower (name coming soon..) died on stage of a trick that went horribly wrong. The body remains of that Sword Swallower (mainly skeletal form) roams the area of a train graveyard, close to the cemetry that he was once buried in. Now living in one of those abandoned trains, he still practices his art of Sword Swallowing. Who is the audience? A camera he found in the train, that luckily still works. Unfortunately his swords were not buried with him, which leaves him to use his imagination and use other objects to swallow.

Plan of Action - I plan to use many camera positions to show a great deal of the set and the charater. When the character sets up the camera, that camera will be the only point of view for the audience. I want there to be a lot of panning and side sweeping action to show the length of the train graveyard. I also want face on camera views to show the expression on the character when he performs an act....
I want there to be a reason for the camera to full other, possibly have the act go wrong in a certain way, which knocks the camera. I'm thinking of have the object that is swallowed to go through the hollow chin on the skeletal character. Hitting his foot, causing him to jump up and when landing, he falls over, causing a knock. I think the view from the camera at this point will be a very experimental camera view which I look forward to working on.

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  1. Objects : car dip stick, long screw driver, pool cue, umbrella, long serving spoon.