Thursday, 17 February 2011

A talk with Phil

This morning after the leture, me an Phil had a conversation about improvements and directions on how this stroyline can unfold. We both had the same view when it came to the train; that view being that it felt like a thrid wheel in the story, that it had been added just because I was given it. Phil pointed out that if the train would hit this captive, then that woul easily kill him without the sword being there. I explained my point of the sword was for the sword swallower to end the lives of his critics by using the sword that he used on stage and now has ended his career. But that wasn't highly clear, so it needed work.
Phil gave me an idea that would pull away from the train just a little but was still allowed. He mentioned that instead of the train, I could use a pump trolley/Hand car/ Railroad car... Depending which term you want to use. The Pump car would be a great way to add some comic effect to the story plus get rid of the extreme collision of the train. The impact of the cart wouldnt kill the critc; this would make more sense for the sword to be on the machine.

The most important development we spoke about was the structure of the story. What we agreed on was having to different story locations and having them mix we eachother in a non-linear style. The first story wil be the one of the sword swallower failing on stage and the second would be the story of sword swallower driving the pump car towards the victim on the track. When these two storylines inter-lace with eachother, it will become highly dramatic and also action packed. Hopefully this effect would show the panic in the captive.


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  1. go on, Chris - be bold now - have some bloody fun with this idea! :D (and, when in doubt, remember my stupid mime act this morning - it's not every tutor who's willing to make a complete arse of himself - in public...).

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