Saturday, 12 February 2011

The Treatment, The Step outline, The Premise

The Treatment

1. The first scene opens out in a vast desert, with large brownish orange rocks in the distance and some in the foreground. Also there will be weeds growing in the sand and tumbleweed blowing about, with several cacti around. The view will float down slowly, and a steam train speeding along a track comes into focus. The camera will start have sudden shots of the speed from the train. One shot of the wheels turning at highspeed, couple of shots of the steam blowing from the top of the train, also a side view where the train speeds past. The view will then change to the top of the train and will start speeding forward, then through the smoke and past the train.

We'll start speeding along the track fast than the train, until there is focus of a tided up man on a small platform on the track. This man will have a contraption on head, that causes his mouth to be constantly open again his will. The device will look like a head brace keeping the head back slightly and a jaw clamp attatch from his jaw to the patform, keeping it open. We then look down the track, viewed from over the shoulder of the tided up man. The camera will then shoot to the front of the train, were we see a Large Format Camera attatched to it. and we start moving down where we see a large sword attatched to the very front of the train. We then shoot to the window of the train, were we see the head of a man with a determind face on, we follow him out of the window as he looks out.

We then jump back to the captive and we see over his shoulder again, we see the train come closer and closer, up tot he point where the two are almost in contact, and then the camera will flash. Blinding the camera's view, and the vision is then faded out.

2. This scene will fade into a red light lit room, the first thing we see is a photo image on the captive screeming head on. This is in a bowl of liquid. A hand picks up the image and places it up the wall. Now next to this image is a range of image that look just like it but with different people in them. This view of the images will be viewed from behind the shoulder of the main character. The character would be wearing a dirty/dusty shirt with locked brown hair. We'll follow this character on side view across the room. Until newspaper articles come into view, we'll zoom into these article and scan them all. One these articles there will be two images next to the writing, each article having two different images. One of these images will be of a failed act of sword swallowing and the other will be of the person who wrote the article. We'll make a comparison and realise the failed sword swallower, was the guy driving the train and the critic will be one of the guys in the captive photos. this comparison will be made with all articles. We'll hear the opening of a door.....

3. We'll see a view from outside the door, were the character comes out of. As the character leaves, we'll see a train set on a table, on the track there will be a little model of a man with a train coming straight at him. Then knocking him of the track. Once again there will be a fade out and credits will start.

Step Outline

In a desert scenary a train is hurting towards a tided up victim on the track. The train is driven by a failed sword swallower secking revenge again his critic that ended his career. The sword he used to swallow for his acts is attatched to the front of the train. As a viewer we assume that the train has hit the captive.

This scene is in a room in the characters living quarters, his own photo developing facillaty. Through the images on the wall it noticable that this train crime has been done before and camparing to the article also in the room we clock onto his revenged plan.

The scene is outside the last room, all that is in focus is the revenged plan being shown on a train set.

The Premise

The extreme vengence of a dying act against it critics.

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