Thursday, 21 October 2010

The company of wolves Review

The Company of wolves created in 1984 and directed by Neil Jordan. the film is about a village surrounded by a forest, in that forest contains a strong pack of wolves. although those wolves are not all that they seem. They are simply werewolves.
I have to be honest, my opinion of this film is very low, I didnt like it at all, it was way to confusing for me. On the other hand, i thought the level of detail in the transforming of human to wolf, was incredible, I could only wish that that level was kept up in the film.
'The transformation scenes are some of the most incredible in the history of werewolf movies.' (
This film is strong on lustfullness and temption of the werewolf, it defiantly makes a difference from normal horror/werewolf films. its is also played in constant storry telling in the form of dreams, if you don't pay attention and keep up, you will get lost! 'her story, begins as a dream prompted by a young woman's sense of sibling rivalry and then, within the dream, opens up into a series of tales within tales.' (Vincent Canby,
If i was allowed to be really, really picky, i would easy slate the fact that the 'wolves' are clearly German Shepards! I don't know why this actually annoyed me so much but it did and took my focus away from the film.

'Understandably, The Company of Wolves might be too confusing for some. Its dream frame and story within a story packs an awful lot and can lose the not careful viewer.' (Kristin Battestella,

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