Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Research on concept artists - Feng zhu

Feng Zhu is an amazing concept artist that i've been looking at everyday since monday. Because of this project, i've had the privaledge of seeing this guys incredible at work. I beleive he has already inspired me, and I would hope it will inspire everyone else.
Feng Zhu has worked on the following:
Star wars three : revenge of the sith
The Sims 3
Command and Conquer 3
Unreal tornament 3
Blood Rayne
Guild Wars
..... and so much more!!!
Check out his demo reel and his tutorials, you will not be dispointed!

Demo Reel

Tutorial 1 .....

There is soooo many tutorials, and they are a great help, i've already learnt loads from these.. about perspective, space, commisioning the art work, color and techniques.

He is also the founder of his on school, the FZD school of design Check it out...

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