Friday, 22 October 2010

Splice Review

Splice is the lastest film we've watched and the newest. It was created in 2009 and directed by Vincenzo Natali starring Adrien Brody, Sarah Pooley and Delphine Chaneac. Two genetic Enginerers Clive Nicoli (Brody) and Elsa Kast (Pooley) create a hybrid of a selection of animals including humans to create a new speacies. At first the hybrid is created to to study potention cures for diseases to man,but this creation is a secret and wouldn't have been aloud if anyone knew it was going on.

the creature grows up fast, rapidaly into a young teenage girl in a matter of weeks, and then a young adult in a matter of months. she becomes highly intellegant, but everything goes wrong when Dren (Chaneac) becomes intellegent enough to seek the outside world. Its now the scientists big problem to keep her away from that world.

There is a lot of twist in the movie, the ending twist is the biggest in the film. Dren dies but because of the DNA pattern Dren has, she not actually dead. She changing into a male. The male side of Dren is extremely visious, killing all the men in the area including Dr Clive Nicoli. Before Dren is killed by the woman that made her ( to stop Dren from killing again ), male Dren impregnates Elsa, leaving the ending open for a second film
I think this film was very good, theres a lot of fire up action, technical creations and romance along the way, so theres something for everyone. What i love most about this film is the way that Dren's figure looks so realistic, the legs especially.. so much so that you tend to look twice before noticing.

'As this half-human entity experiences loneliness, yearns for love and becomes a seductress and killer, her creators mislay their own humanity in their confused behaviour towards the interesting, terrifying thing they have made.' (Jenny McCartney,

'Let’s just say that Natali, who also cowrote the screenplay, keeps pushing things further than you would expect.' (Tom Charity,

'I always tend to make a habit of writing up a film review within twenty-four hours of watching it, mostly to retain the freshness of my emotional reaction to it, good or bad. So, it's a fine testament to Splice that exactly a week after seeing it, the film has still managed to leave a solid imprint on my mind.' (Duncan Bowls,'

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