Monday, 11 October 2010

More photoshop practice

As shown from previous tutorials, i've started with the base silhouette and then moved on from there. Theres then a foundation colour put on top, in this case its a light brown. I chose light brown instead of dark brown because its easier to work with in the class of tone.
Once the form and tone was created i added in many colours of hair, which happened to be every single tone of brown. When I was finished with the colour and happy with the look, I got an outside opinion from the person sitting next to me. They mentioned how the jaw looked dislocated and I automatically agreed. So I spent some extra time replacing the jaw, I think it looks a lot better. All that needed to be done now was the background, which i have created a moon lit effect.
This piece took me nearly 3 hours, its a long time but i beleive i have got something really good out of it and I have learnt more about the tools and brushes through time on the work.

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