Sunday, 10 October 2010

A film I highly recomend!!!

I've just finished watching a film called 'The Time Machine' the 2002 remake directed by Simon Wells. this film is mind blowing!!! The imagination is epic, the creation is brilliant and an extremely interesting film from beginning to end. There isn't exactly metamorphoses is this but the time traveler is boosted to the future in the year 802,701. A lot has happened as you can imagine; the human race is split into two species in this time. They're human looking colonies living above ground living in houses on the side of the cliff, living their lives easily but scared. there isnt anything special about these people. But the other half of the human race are these beast type humans that live underground. These beast-humans i would say have unevolved visually but are extremely smart compared to the humans above ground.

What I have learnt from this film is that if you have an idea, that you think is amazing and can really work with it, then take longer to develop it further. Develop it so far that you astound yourself aswel as your audience!!

SERIOUSLY WATCH THIS FILM!! I will happily lend it to anyone that wants to watch it.


  1. I completly 4got bout that film I watched it ages ago but myb u could include this film in ur essay if u r still goin dwn the evolution route or just the idea of the future form?

    just something 2 consider

  2. I was absolutly inspired by this film! I know that i'm including a teleportation machine in my final piece, this film has shown me I can do what ever shape I want!!