Wednesday, 13 October 2010

@ phil - my essay question

I've been thinking all day on how I can structure this question. what i've come up with ( after looking at the brief) is ask the question in a way that it looks like an exam creater or tutor has writen it for me to answer... if that makes sense...

The question is..

'By comparing two films of your choice, discuss why the concept of the werewolf is used more than any other metamorphoses of human to animal'

the films im going to choice are 'Ginger snaps' and 'Wolf'... i can describe the two sides of a werewolf by comparing these films; by two sides i mean the beasty diseased side and the hero side of a werewolf.

if you think any of this will be a problem for me, please let me know! also if you have any advice on extra research or maybe a better film i could either add or replace one of the others, it would really help me.


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  1. The only problem here is that, unless you can PROVE that werewolves are used 'more than any other metamorphosis of human to animal', you're making a whopping generalisation. Consider instead 'This assignment will investigate the enduring popularity of the werewolf by comparing...' etc.

    ('popularity' is NOT a generalisation).