Monday, 4 October 2010

la belle et la bete

'La Belle Et La Bete' was created in 1946 and directed by Jean Cocteau.
i really liked the simplicity of the whole film, but the contrast of the fantasy mixing in with it. by simplicity i mean the subtlanous of the film; the gentle way of the beast, the loving of the beauty
and the way the film is easy to get into. the fantasy is well thought about. in perticular i loved the idea of the arms and hands being servants throughout the film. It creates a great fantasy and gives the audience something to think about; it makes a huge difference from if it was full people. 'Jean Cocteau has brought to life a visual masterpiece.'- Damian Cannon ''

Throughout the film, i kept losing track that the beast was actually a beast. His character is very calm as a beast, its only when you see him during the day, you see the true beast of the character. Also at this point u see the pain in his eyes whilst he fights the animal inside.

'La Belle et la bĂȘte is an excellent example of Cocteau's continual concern in his film work to provide a "realism of the unreal."' - Roy armes, ''

The way the story is writen and directed, it really punches the fantasy into the film, steering it away from the horrow this film could have easy have been. i love how everything is thought about, the lightin, the story, the characters and the swiftness of the whole thing.

The one thing that annoyed me about the fim, is when Belle, (Josette Day), turns up to the castle the first time, she automatically knows where shes going through the castle. and i was also bothered by the fact that she wasn't phased with the arm servants. I thought this let down the film just a bit.

'this is one of cinema's most magical films and writer-director Jean Cocteau's greatest popular success.' phillip French, ''

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