Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Abandoned room with over grown plantlife

Here are a few perparatory studies of a the possible look for the abandoned room.

 The cracked windows are a way in for the plantlife.

 The light beams are highly resticted from entering the room, giving this hazy effect.
 I've added some weeds just infront of the camera to achieve a sense of being in this room.

Here I've played around with the lighting to get different time periods of the day.

My opinion on the extreme plantlife is maybe I should cut it back a bit. What I want from the plants is a sense of timescale of how long the room has been in this state, but they also imply theres a lot of plantlife already in the area. If the area was Hashima Island for example where there isnt much visable plantlife, how do I achieve the vast timescale. This I will look into. I do like the plants blocking the lit and giving a haze but this much seems to be more jungle than an uninhabbitated city.

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