Saturday, 15 January 2011

Photoshop class 14/01/11

Yesterday's class I thought I would use to experiment and ask about techniques on how to create the vines on the windows. When these where created I would then take them in to the Maya class and ask Alan how I could go about using them in the way I wanted.

Throughout the class I experimented with the Layer Modes mostly, to take a look at what worked best.

 When I created the reeds above, I used a brush that was quite ranged in opacity and width so it gave this watercolour look. I liked the effect it gave, however I also wanted some in focus weeds. By using a normal brush with pen pressure on and a grass texture on it, and having the brush on screen mode, I was able to create this range of grass looking weeds. With a large range of colour as well. This is when I started experimenting with layer modes, I wanted to see what effect I could achieve.

Overlay mode

Screen Mode

Multiply mode

Hard Light mode

Darken mode

In the situation that I will use this image, I want to have a dark image (sun blocking). Although I really like the modes like screen and hardlight, the problem with them is they look too fantasy scenary like, not what I'm looking for. Modes like the Multiply and Darken work better.
Photoshop Phil gave me tips on how to improve the realism of the piece, he created this brush above and said I used also create some (which are above) and used a viarity of them. Applying the brush gave it an effect that looked like it was on the window and the light wasn't getting through.

Once again I experimented with Layer modes for the most realistic effect.
Multiply Mode

Soft light mode

Overlay Mode

Darken Mode

This is the Bump I created from the image, using high pass. I really like the tone difference throughout the image.

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