Saturday, 15 January 2011

Texture Test

Before having finilised textures, I wanted to play around and decide what infact I could make. I started with the main part of the Power box. I knew I wanted some rust on the model, so I started to look at images of rust.

 I found thses two images and I thought the range of colour in both rust where really cool and would be a nice palete to work with.
The brush I used to dab the colour on was a custom one I created, by lowering opacity and also adding text into the brush. By picking the colour from the images above, I've created a rust look with quite a lot of ease.
 This is my first render of the texture on this part of the Power Box.
 Next I wanted a bump map, all I did was pick a selection from the first texture image, desaturated it, and adde the high pass filter.
 This is the render of the default settings on the bump map.

 These renders were created after playing around with the settings.

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