Monday, 3 January 2011

New thumbnails.

Already I'm having more fun doing these thumbnails, than I was on the last lot. I've had a main focus on the room in one of the images I posted earlier, I still like the sense of being the only one around and thats my room. I also liked the perspective and the sections of the image that gives the foreground, middle ground and background. My mind is a lot clearer with this room and this area, I really like the battered building, but just because the camera in the room, doesn't mean these can't be used. I would have these buldings outside of the window, quite close up to give sense of crowded space and also keep that destroyed look. I will be experimenting closely on the lighting, as of the moment I'm not sure weather night time or day would be best. I think night time will be too much, but theres always a chance to play around with moonlight; whereas the day time gives a sense of safety of light with an experimentation of colour contrasting with the tattered grey buildings.

The image below was my first one I did. To achieve more thumbnails in less time, I used original images and used the perspective lines of the buildings. I like the chance to play around with the lighting, to beam of light around the corner could be anything from a street light to a torch, but if this place is abandoned, whos holding the torch? eerie!
 Once again I used the perpective lines from the photographs,this image was taken in the day and I wanted to keep that look in the image. My favourite part of my image is the way the building looks like it's ganging up on the viewer. I've kept the right side of the building in shadow to show direction of light, but also having some reflections of light on the right side to emphases glass or plastic.

The main focus of the room would most definitly be the large window, it lets in a large amount of light to show up the interier of the room and also the landscape of outside. the size of the window gives me so much to play with in sense of interier, left over furniture, mold, nature, landscape, rust and anything else man or non-man made.

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  1. okay, Chris - change of plan agreed - you've got some catching up to do, but if you put some welly into it, I'm sure you'll make it happen. I suggest you make yourself a comprehensive check-list of all that needs to be done in time for submission day - and stick to it religiously!