Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Room done, Ready for lighting and improvements

I'm at the point where I can play around with areas to improve the final look of the image. The modelling is finished, and so is the texturing but what needs to be done is the lighting and I need to fix the shadows of the weeds casting from the windows. On this post I have the step by step process of creating the matte painting that went on the window. This was a point in the final image that I wanted to work on, mainly because it is the main focus of the room. I learnt some different techniques and improvements through the short weeks and I've tried to imply them in the painting. I'm really happy with the matte painting, I'm impressed at how far I've travelled in photoshop. Also thinking about it, I'm highly impressed with the amount of stuff I've learned in Maya. Time to get on with that lighting.....

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