Sunday, 9 January 2011

Maya models so far...

At the moment I'm a little disapointed with the amount that I've done in maya, My house has been riddled with powercuts practically every other day, soI haven't been able to much done on the software. But that aside I have completed a few objects and learnt some new things along the way that helped out further on. I've kept the designs of the objects and set realitively simple for one reason, I want this abandoned area to be an area that once flurished with inhabbitants like Hashima Island. What I noticed from that area was that because there was so many people there and so limited space they had to make these large and simple high story flats. Low cost in building as possible ment low quality, that what I'm trying to achieve here.

 I re-designed the windows to be highly simple in design because I felt the design above would be a lot of needless material that would effectively cost more money to the people building this set. So I change it to just panes of glass and simple frames to them.

 I experimented a little here with the draws, I was thinking that all the models where to furnished, so I attempted denting the model slightly. I liked the look of the dent, but to improve maybe I could pull the denting back a bit. I just want the models to look like they've been battered over time, for a long time.

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  1. Good stuff Chris, put meshes up on top of ur lambert material and do a few screen grabs so we can all see the process you used to get your final object (or any unwanted nasties in the mesh)