Monday, 3 January 2011

New Year, New Start

I admit I took a short break from work over the holidays, but when trying to get back into the project I was doing, I found it extremely hard and boring. I quickly realised this is not what I wanted to do. I know I don't have a lot of time left but in all fairness I wasnt doing a lot withmy time as it was. This time I'm going to change my idea, I realise I don't have much time, but over the last few days I have chose a new seen to do. I haven't been able to put stuff up because of the amount of powercuts my stupid house is having.

For christmas I was given a dvd collection of a documentary called 'Life After People', it's all about what happens to certain areas around the world when humans disappear from earth. The facts of the documentary had to come from places where humans have already disappeared from and left the areas abandoned. One of these places was a small idea of the coast of Nagaski, japan called Hashima, with the nickname of Battleship island (Gunkanjima), because of it's resemblance to a battleship.

What is amazing about this island, is the destruction of it is totally natural, the sea that surrounds the island has been battering it for centuries. the 5,259 inhabbitant had nothing to do with the condition the buildings are in now. Even with this destruction , I find it hard not to see the beauty of it, I like how nature has tried to reclaim back its land from the people. 

 There are some truely awesome images taken here, including the one above. What I like about this photo, is that you feel how it might have been to leave in a cramped room like thi, where up to 10 other people would also be living. The close up of the erosion is also beautiful to look at. The grass growing through the floor shows how long this room has been in an abandoned state.

 The tall but inclosed building give me the same feeling that was caused when Eleanor first saw 'Hill House'. Its as if they are looking over us, watching the ground for any sudden movement, movement that hasnt happened in centuries.
This was in my opinion the best image I found, I like the uncanny character it has. It's so simple yet im instantly asking myself, why did the people that lived here leave the tv, they wheren't rich so surely they would need all their belongings. Maybe they left in a hurry... Which makes me think, why did they leave so quickly?

In all these images, I can imagine standing where the photographer was, and listening to what was around. I can image hearing a slight russle every now and then as if there was something hiding in the shadows.

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