Sunday, 19 December 2010


Upper class bedrooms

After reading some advice from phil, I set out to widen my range of knowledge of my final scene. I was advised to look at whether the bedroom would be upper class, middle class or working class. From the following stunning images from, it became clear how high a class these designs are. In a design sense nothing in these rooms are straight, for example the legs of th bed and chest of draws are all curves in a sophisiticated manner. The colours used also became intriguing, a main use of white to arouse a strength of cleanliness and the large window or small lamp lightings to add that depth to the room.

Middle Class

The Middle Class designs are in my opinion a lot more creative in the design and colour. Some of the designs keep the curvature of the upper class style but they also put their on stamp on them. The atmosphere of the room screams out the joyfulness of youth. What these rooms show in common are the heightened use of pink, a vey girly colour, and also the use of hearts, soft cushions and flowers.

Theres a clear difference between the two classes here, the difference being, the upper class show that they like to be as presentable as possible whereas the middle class show off there creativism. Sorry for the slight judgement. There is a lot I can take from these designs, so it leads to serious thinking into what class would be better for the effect I want to create. The atmosphere I want to create is a place where everything is totally normal, maybe more than normal, making this piece no different to any other, until you see the area that is disturbing, the area you ca no longer stop looking at. I think for this effect, the upper class bedroom maybe the style that could work. The problem with the middle class style is that there is a sence of something is already going on, leading the viewer to know that something will happen.

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  1. The top pics remind me of 2001: A Space Odyssey