Sunday, 12 December 2010

Pre-viz thumbnails

What I want to create in the overall image is a sense of fear brought on by the doll. I had an idea when drawing this thumbnail, what I've done is created the reflection as the dark side of the room (if the doll ends up broken, then so will the rest of 'her world'), the tree on the real side will be lush and green, but the reflection will be bare and dark. As of the moment its still early days and this is just an idea, my worry with this is that it will take away a lot of scare away from the doll and more of a fear of the 'other side'. Again the idea of a broken doll could also be too much, maybe just the idea of the reflection and the way a doll looks (highly human) is eerie enough.

This dead on angle is very eerie, I love how the doll looks straight at the audience, that for me is what will type this over the edge to extra eerie.

For this one I've created the reflection in a small mirror that is disguarded on the floor, the same could be said for the doll? There isnt a lot of information in this angle, creating a higher focus on the doll.

1 comment:

  1. I like the image with the mirror front on makes me think of a reflection trapped in a mirror world

    good stuff :)