Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Trying out some modelling

I haven't had mch ofa chance to model much as of yet, so I did a few models of what would go in my scene of a little girls room.


  1. Interim Online Review 14/12/2010

    Hey Chris,

    Okay - I like the whole mismatch reflection thing - but be prepared to stylise your doll, because you don't want to get into complex face modelling on top of everything else you're going to have to achieve. Regarding the matte painting - take another look at Ruben's project (the hospital corridor) and you'll see how he used the painting to extend the corridor. Ollie is right - you could use the matte painting to complete the view outside the bedroom window.

    I see that you're getting into modelling already, but Chris, you need to avoid genericism; consider the following to give your digital set a sense of identity; what time period is your environment within (1920s/30s/70s etc.)? what kind of home is this bedroom in? Working class? Middle class? Upper class? What country are we in? Is it the UK? Is it France? I don't want to see you modelling anything finally until you've established a clear visual concept for this room - likewise, the doll - likewise everything - no generic 'out-of-your-head' modelling. You need to production design this environment and know WHY it looks the way it does.

  2. Check out the following link for guidance notes re. the Unit 3 written assignment: