Tuesday, 14 December 2010

A question

To Phil - While your doing my three week review, could you help me with something? I'm finding it a little bit difficult to determine where the matte painting could end and the modelling begin in a little girls room. I understand that the doll will have to be modelled, because she isnt part of the set. but i would like to model the room aswel, I know that if I did this then there wouldnt be anything to matte paint because everything would be modelled. If you get my drift? Hopefully you can help me with this.... and if anyone else is reading this then please put in some ideas if you have time.

Thanks in advance


  1. Hey Chris,

    In Jolanta's (2nd year) piece she matte painted the back wall. If you get your maya bit done firs including texture and lighting you can drop it into photoshop and sample colours from your render so you can get th right colours and blend it. I guess that it depends on how well you rate your digital painting skills as to how big or technical your matte painting is. For my scene I'm trying to keep the matte painting relatively straightforward, a distant wall or something equally harder to mess up/paint ;)

  2. --- I just looked at your painting below and I'd say you could matte paint the world outside the window and a wall?

  3. hey oliver, cheers for the advice, i was thinking of painting the walls and having something outside, but theres not a lot being shown outside, I mean as in its not my main focus of the image. what I could think about doing is having the reflection as a matte painting and try and get it looking as close to the maya as I can. then hopefully there will be a very slight difference and it would add to the uncanny/somethings wrong look.....

    What you think?

  4. I think it could work, depending on the style you use for it. I mean if you were trying for a photorealistic meets fairground mirror you'd have to get everything pretty spot on else it'd look off. If the 3D parts are going to be stylised then i think it could make it easier (I would have no choice but to stylise because I can't paint that well lol).

    You might want to be careful you're not drawing too much of a thriller factor from the doll, as Phil commented on my blog about marionettes

    "Just be careful that as you think about the puppet component you don't go too out and out HORROR; remember that puppets are creepy in their own right, so may not need too much Halloweening to unnerve."

    I'm not sure if the matte painting has to be something at the centre of the piece, I think its a case of as long as its done and blends in the 3d parts everything is good :)